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Apparel September 4, 2015

End-of-Summer Closet Craze

Some of us may find it difficult to walk into whatever tangled mess of sarongs or necklace chains we’ve created for ourselves in that ever too small space we call a closet. For many of us, the idea of parting with any piece, even if we forgot we still had it, is somewhat distressing. Still, there comes a time when either we’ve found ourselves dangerously lacking in socks, or we can no longer stand the disorganization of the collection we’ve become so fond of over the years.

           “Cleaning out” one’s closet is an experience entirely personal, entirely nostalgic and entirely necessary before the fall season sneaks up on us. Our closet once filled with bright tanks and gladiator sandals now needs skinny jeans and pea coats. The space, which most of us typically encounter for only a minute or two as we’re frantically trying to piece something together for the day, has become less familiar. Especially if you haven’t taken the time to thoroughly explore it in a while, your closet might be a treasure trove of unexpected items, ranging from the prom dress you didn’t have the heart to get rid of, to the lost earring that was hiding at the bottom of your sock drawer.

kids cleaning closet

Are you going to let these scamps out-clean you?

           You might take heart in knowing these pieces are still there, still waiting for you to rediscover and repurpose them; like the pair of high-waist capris you’ve had a few years that still fit your waist but not your style. These, you keep, cutting them into a pair of high-waist fringe shorts to pair with your new DVF blouse and gold-diamond Antandre pendant. Instead of leaving behind these nostalgic pieces, you take them with you and your evolving style, creating an equally modern and personal look. An update was necessary, you tell yourself, but those high-waist capris are irreplaceable.

           As you continue to delve through the many shuffled drawers, you may begin to realize that a lot of your pieces are a bit tired (i.e. you own five gray sweaters and your work wardrobe is starting to look like Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit collection, but less colorful). This might be a sign that it’s time for a statement piece, whether it’s a new pair of jeweled pumps or a maybe a bold set of earrings, a new season is the perfect time to integrate confidence into your collection.

           Your closet is essentially you and while that makes it hard to entirely get rid of pieces, it does mean an update every once in a while. Refurbishment is key to making that change as personal as possible, while keeping your memories in tact. The best thing to do with old jeans you can’t cut into a cute pair of shorts and other clothes is to donate them to the nearest charitable organization or Goodwill. Overall, organizing and controlling your closet lets you think of it as your own personal space, brand and ultimately, style haven.