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Women September 23, 2016

Antandre Woman of The Month – Aurora Pfeiffer

The Antandre woman is bold, independent, fierce, adventurous.  She paves her own path and does not take “no” for an answer.  She is empowered and provides inspiration for other women.   She has no limits.  While society has tried to tell women how it is; Antandre encourages women to break the rules and set new standards. In honor of that spirit, we’ve decided to highlight those women who embody those values. This October, we’re shining the spotlight on Aurora Pfeiffer, a young woman who is taking the music and recording industry by storm.


On getting into the music industry:

Many young people have a dream, but Aurora Pfeiffer had something more than that, she had a vision. For as long as Aurora could remember, her vision was to work in the music industry, land a job in A&R at EMI/Capitol Records, and have the chance to contribute to music that would have the power to change lives. Over time her vision came true; she spent the first few years of her career working in A&R at EMI/Capitol Records, under the Blue Note umbrella, contributing to major releases and learning the ins and outs of A&R. Fast forward to age 27, Aurora is now overseeing and operating Rolen Music Group, a music management company she co-founded in 2014.  She is creating new visions for herself and her roster and partners every day by managing songwriters, producers, artists and influencers, song-plugging, setting up sessions, A&R’ing new releases, negotiating licenses and song deals, as well as strategizing and working with top level brands and influencers on campaigns, and consulting. In over two years of building up the business, Aurora has placed over forty songs with major label artists worldwide; four of which have gone gold, landed over a dozen syncs, secured major label publishing deals, brand endorsement campaigns, and has had a handful of songs, she herself creatively contributed to, on the radio and on film and TV spots.


On breaking into the industry:

Growing up Aurora often found herself at the piano writing songs, while her classmates were out and about, driven by her deep love of music which only grew over the years. Aurora found the non-academic part of college a struggle, as unlike many of her classmates, partying wasn’t her main priority. She had the desire to learn as much as she could and manifest that as quickly as possible to jumpstart her career in the real world. The intensity of her focus meant that Aurora didn’t have much of a social life, but it also taught her the value of self-reliance, which would be key in her future entrepreneurship. It was while attending college Aurora took her first big step toward her career goals by interning with Capitol Records for three summers consecutively. She loved the work so much that she fast-tracked her way to completing her Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry in three years, instead of four, and moved to Manhattan two days after graduation to pursue her dream. Capitol was so impressed with Aurora’s work ethic, as well as her college transcripts, that she was quickly offered a job after the first month of her last internship. The timing couldn’t have been better as the month before, she had taken her first big risk out of college and spent the last of her bank account on a deposit and first month of rent, on a tiny studio apartment in Chelsea, the size of most people’s closet. She laid her roots down then, believing that was where she was meant to stay.


On developing your craft:
Aurora in tunnel Within a year and a half, Aurora’s star continued to rise as she was promoted from A&R Coordinator, to Senior Coordinator, A&R. She got to help coordinate and creatively contribute ideas for artists like Norah Jones, Amos Lee, and Anita Baker, to name a few. Aurora often worked 70 to 80 hour weeks, absorbing all the knowledge of the music industry that she could. Over time she found that A&R, putting together strategic writing sessions, and finding the right songs for artists were the aspects of the job she enjoyed the most. Three years into her dream job, EMI merged with Universal, and Aurora was offered the chance to interview with a legendary A&R executive in Los Angeles and work in the A&R department at Virgin Records. She jumped at the opportunity and was swiftly hired, moving to LA a week later.



On leaving your comfort zone:
LA opened a lot of doors for Aurora, allowing her to constantly meet and collaborate with a handful of high-level writers and producers. At the same time, the change of scenery and faces pushed Aurora out of her comfort zone in a city she moved to with no established relationships beyond the job she accepted. She had a lot of doors slammed in her face, received a lot more “no’s” than “yes,” faced rejection and was constantly told she didn’t have what it takes to make it in her industry. The first year of living in LA she battled with the idea of moving back to NYC almost everyday, but believed there was a reason she was there, and was determined to find out what it was. As the days grew on, her love for music grew that much more, and she realized there were many areas in the business that were starting to pique her interest outside of just working for a record label.


On finding your true passion:

She became intrigued by the publishing side of the music business, and wanted to take on a new challenge. She applied for a job at an indie publisher affiliated to a major label, and it was there she learned how to identify strong songwriters and producers, pair them with the right collaborators, and contribute to ideas for pitching records. She would spend hours a day, in and out of the office, analyzing hit songs and figuring out what it was that made them so special. While she loved learning the nuts and bolts of matching songs with artists, Aurora found that there was only so far she could go working for other people and abiding by their rules. She wanted to take on a new challenge, working for herself. This experience helped push Aurora into striking out on her own as a young entrepreneur, eventually co-founding, Rolen Music Group.


On starting out on her own:

Working independently allowed Aurora to manage her time in various ways; allowing her to meet with producers and writers, collaborate in songwriting sessions four to five days a week, and introducing herself to record executives, and shopping songs around; job functions that were all part and parcel of the hard work Aurora poured into making her business a success. Within six months it all began to pay off as the songs she was shopping began to connect with artists and receiving placements in a variety of places. This snowballed into a growing number of placements and independent consulting opportunities. Over time Aurora had to cut down on the songwriting aspect of her career, and instead manage, creatively contribute, and A&R the rosters and clients she had taken on, which she loved equally as much.


On key values and the future:
In all of this Aurora has held firmly to the belief that it’s personal relationships that really matter. Whether with one of her clients or one of the many contacts she has made in the music industry, Aurora strives to maintain a one-on-one connection that many in her business don’t always take the time to cultivate. She is also a big believer in manifesting one’s own reality through vision and the follow through and hard work required to turn that vision into reality. Aurora’s current vision and plans for the future include having her own publishing company, creating new businesses around and with influencers, venturing in to pop-up stores, breaking an artist, and contributing to a project that leads to a Grammy award. Looking at her track record, there’s little doubt that Aurora Pfeiffer has both the will and the skill to make it all happen. We look forward to seeing this trailblazer making her mark on the music industry. Aurora 19
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